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Modern Round Bar Stool With Black Fabric Upholstery, Active Balance Technology

Designed to minimize the harmful effects of prolonged sitting - the Active Balance Seat's revolutionary design continuously redistributes and reduces muscle and ligament stress and strain helping to relieve neck, shoulder and back pain.
Build core strength while you sit - the Active Balance Seat encourages active sitting. The upper body is self-supported and has to balance itself, engaging your abdominal and back muscles, which strengthens your core, improves balance and overall strength and flexibility.
Improve posture - the Active Balance Seat Active encourages you to sit with a balanced, upright, naturally aligned J-shaped spine, ideal for use by those with a seated working position such as clinics and salons.
Feel Fresh and Energized at Work - the 360 degrees freedom of movement transforms sitting into a physical activity, improving circulation and metabolism. You'll no longer feel sluggish, stiff or tired at your desk.
Increase concentration levels - being physically engaged helps you to stay mentally engaged so you can focus on the task in hand with increased alertness. Ideal for those who work in a seated position such as salons and clinics

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