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Modern Monitor-Laptop Stand, Tempered Glass With 4 Strong Legs, Black, 70 cm

Range of monitor riser will support and rise your monitor, laptop or TV by 9 cm-10.5 cm to provide you with a more easy to view position for your desktop setup at home or at work. Our monitor risers are already fitted in 000's of offices throughout the world and they are helping customers reduce neck and back pain by optimizing the viewing position of the desk set up.
Health benefits: Problems with low level monitors is the fact that in many cases the monitor is below the required eye level for optimum body posture, what the monitor stand does is allow the user to adjust the stand based on the height of the user to find the best height for each individual. Having the monitors at the correct height will reduce neck and back pain.
This monitor riser is perfect for all appliances that have a base not larger than the glass platform. We would recommend giving 10 cm clearance on either side for extra peace of mind. Most of the top monitor brands such as Dell, Samsung, AOC, Asus, Acer, BenQ etc. are all flat panel monitors which does not weigh so much. Even the small TV's available today that weigh less than 20kg are also suitable.
This riser also makes it a great laptop stand, enabling the laptop to be at the correct eye level. Monitor riser also creates space underneath the stand to put your keyboard away from sight, and overall creating more space on your desk so you can utilize your desk space in other ways, as well as having a more cleaner set up.

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